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Recreate Your Look

A stylist can put you in the latest, hottest attire, but my desire is to give you a signature style that looks and feels like you. I will give you the tools to understand how to put outfits together, based on your uniqueness.  Here are a few assessments I take to set you apart from the crowd and create your one-of-a-kind signature style. These services include:

  • Completing Your Style Evaluation

  • Creating Your Signature Style

  • Assimilating Your Color Analysis 

  • Performing a Closet Assessment 

  • Designing a Personal Shopping Plan


Refresh Your Closet

Your style starts with the clothes in your closet, so let’s collaborate and create a closet that makes you feel chic, stylish and successful. No more frustration, flipping through hanger after hanger. An organized, edited closet makes getting dressed fun instead! Below are services that will revamp your closet:

  • Organizing Your Closet

  • Editing Your Wardrobe 

  • Creating Clothing Ensembles

  • Updating Your Accessories

  • Transforming Your Travel Packing 


Recharge Your Confidence

I love for my clients to rock their look, but what really brings me joy is to see my clients rock their inner beauty and confidence. No matter what you have on or how good that you look on the outside, if you are not reflecting your inner beauty and confidence, people will miss your unique beauty. Life Coaching services include:


  • Reaching Your Highest Potential 

  • Reshaping Your Goals

  • Recognizing Your Dreams

  • Refocusing and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Reviving Your Purpose in Life

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